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“JJ Rocks Article # 41: From Maryland, USA: Woody Lassauer  From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 8, May, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------With all the character voices and fad following artist on the rise today it becomes quite a chore finding someone who remains true to the art of displaying a high level of quality in their vocals and songwriting. But this month’s featured artist from Baltimore Maryland (my hometown) has made the search for such musical quality very rewarding for this publication. And after hearing his song “Roses”, you will agree that he belongs in our family of great musical creators. Woody Lissauer has reached a level of musical communication that touches not only the hearts and emotions of the every day listener, but also attracts respect from the most demanding pop culture composers. And with a voice quality and precision that rivals the most well known singers, he maintains the ability to achieve a perfect balance between technical expertise, instrumental versatility, and creative focus. I met Woody at a gig somewhere in Maryland that I can’t remember, and it was a rare occasion because back then most of the professional level players were working five or six nights a week. But I do remember that he had a pleasant personality that was absent of the usual attitude problems that many local players had at that time. There was also a time when I saw him play with a former member of one of my bands (Laura Hunter) on my night off. I also remember that he played very tasteful guitar solos, but at the time I wasn’t aware of his great songwriting ability or his expertise on so many instruments. Even though I have only seen him two times in my life, the fact that he wound up playing with two of my former band members from the original JJ rocks band (St. Croix 1982) means a lot to me because those members went on to play with such a fine musician as Woody Lissauer. And one of them, drummer Mike “Crash” Kundrat” is playing on “Roses”, the song that Woody is offering to our readers as a free download at the end of this article. I’m trying to get Woody to come down to St. Croix sometime in the future and play in some of our local establishments. And believe me, if he does, it will be something that St. Croix won’t forget! Because it’s not that often that a musician / songwriter of that quality arrives on the shores of this beautiful island. So Woody, St. Croix Music Magazine would like to welcome you to our family of fine featured artist! And we are glad that we can spread the word about your fine talents to over 50 countries worldwide. Your article will always be in this month’s issue for all to read and your website will stay in our bands column for anyone who wishes to contact you or purchase any of your fine recordings.Keep writing those great songs and give “Crash” a hug for me for playing such great drums!  JJ Rocks - The Spotlight Zone ” - J. J. Croix 

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