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You Will See My Ripples

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Life above the ground is well and good
It’s understood
But what comes when you’re late and what awaits
Is the grist of great debate
Seasons they come and go
No matter how much you know
It doesn’t stop the flow
Like water

Racing through the breach
The bud that’s bursting open
Is tangled in its pleach
You will see my ripples
Strive towards the shore
The echoes of my passing
The lives that went before

Everything I have I leave to you
But you knew
I depart this plane for something new
And you know you are going to, too
Everyone has their day
Nobody gets away
No matter what they pay
Or utter

When the darkness calls
You will hear my oars touch
Lightly on the falls
You will see my ripples
On the soft surface
We will take the boat out
Like a stem upon the stream
And you will hear my laughter
Braced upon the beam
To prowl the ever after
Trying to find the seam
You will feel my ripples
The echoes of my passing
That fade to the unending
A dream within a dream
A dream within a dream

Fun under the sun
Is short but sweet
But the guiding light
Is so misused
That billions have been abused
(The path ahead becomes confused)
(“Truth” a word so overused)
The bones of the hemlock tree
Bow and they bend
And then they’re free
Free to be with me in mortar

Dying on the beach
Knee deep in water
Arm’s length out of reach
Goodbye shaded island
Farewell rusted root
The dint of pale religion
A barren substitute
I’ll see you from the future
Crying for the past
I don’t want to leave here
Nothing ever lasts
There’s somewhere deep inside you
Raging in the dark
The lidless Seraphim
That crawls through every dream
And you will feel my flashing
Dark as a glass
The waves upon the water
Shudder as I pass
To lap the aching rock wall
And every grain of sand
Of a dim and distant shoreline
Of a long forgotten land
And try to bind the tide
But that can never be
The echoes of my passing
Rolling back to me ~ ~ ~ ~

And you will see me walking
Swaying in the grass
The echoes of my footsteps
In the lines upon your map
And you will see my ripples
The echoes of my passing
The waves upon the shoreline
A dream within a dream ~ ~ ~