1. Nautilus
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I am flying’ on a boat
That I built with my own hands
Solid cedar with a bright brass band
Makes it easier to ride the vernal tide
In a word,
they have lashed me to the mast
To stop me pacing through the decks
Fore to aft
It’s all gone wrong the siren’s song
is passed

I wait for the wind
To whisper the world’s great debate
through a shell
against your ear
It will shout and you can hear
When your heart is clear

I’ll be over before I’m free
Now we’re listing to the lee
While casting fortune to a great, wide sea
I’d say I’ve got my work cut out for me
cup your hands to quench your thirst
Let your teardrops fall like rain
There’s no curse
that the mighty tide won’t wash away

The voice of the wind
is speaking the world’s great
conversation here
Twixt Earth and sky
You can hear your own reply
A zephyr like a sigh

I am master of the dreams
That I built with my own hands
Making harbor on this great
and dusty land
I’m called captain by my friends
and all are they
And here I’d stay
but for the width of a wave
The width of a wave ~ ~ ~ ~