1. Parry Sound
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Parry Sound

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Hero’s Road up to Parry Sound
Everybody here puts the pedal down
I saw big birds from the sea that circled high above
I saw me and you in a circle of love
Rainbows of granite dance along
And we’d sing a northern song
..and so on

So we found the road that runs right down
Between my city streets and your one-horse town
Right past the big marsh with the walkway made of planks
And I saw flowers where the Muskoka boat sank
Somewhere people come and go
Up freeways to and fro

But now we’re offline
And that’s just fine.

See how the whole world’s a great big swimming pool
And I feel cool,
like we used to do in school
You, you break the rules
But in the end, we start over again
It’s always new

There’s a tower outside of Parry Sound
You can see sixteen miles out like another down
Freighters and pleasure craft
Cross-cross across the bay all day
Occasionally tangled in the waves

We’re so offline
And that’s just fine ~