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Bottom of the Bay

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There’s a purl on the surface for a moment then it’s gone
That’s the only way you know I’m passing
Cast a shadow on the bottom in the moment after dawn
And the lake is glassing
like a mirror in the sky

And I go fast like a fish along the bottom of the bay
And I see rainbow reflections over my head
But I am punch-drunk and pretty much sunk
And you just sit there smiling on your sunny island

Don’t you

There’s a momentary flash from the world above the waves
I can feel the shadow of a great wing folding
What lies beyond our sight,
nobody can say
But I know I’m going
like a fighter to the fray

You, you’d like to reel me in
Wherefore I, I gotta take it on the chin
‘Cause now I’m punch-drunk,
took one in the trunk
From you all high and dry on your sunny island

I see you

And while I can go a little farther every day
And one day I will see you at the bottom of the bay
Without your precious hooks and leeward crooks to bar my way
Then we’ll see who’s sailing,
and who is on the stay

You, you come in camouflage
But I’ve got time and a taste for sabotage
‘Cause I am punch-drunk and tired of punks
Who lay about all high and fine on their sunny island