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Song for Bowie (I Remember Your Eyes)

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I remember your eyes
One blue and one wide
Open to the world
All the boys and girls followed

But you were still mine
Your darkness was on time

I remember your gaze
your spectacular ways
The wild-eyed boy from Brixton-town
Who summed the world and laid it down

But it’s all over
It’s back on our shoulder

What about the three years
When you went to Berlin
Just to get away
And try and fix and find, yourself

What about the tower of thousand flowers
Delicately screaming, unrepeating
Each perfect, in itself, in itself

I remember your words
Your unflappable birds
That light upon your pale chiffon
Converging on the golden dawn

I remember your time’
Your insatiable rhyme
Knight to every woman
And mate to every man
Founder of fashion (your astral travels)
And a life lived with passion (shape-shifting vessel)

Moving through the Aeon of Horus
Pursuing the age fast before us
Through the looking-glass, scrying, undying
Leaving us here, together crying

But it’s all over
Great grokking drover
Mach-rocking soldier
Pen put to paper (all Hunky Dory)
Keen as a rapier (end of our story)
You were my savior