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Everything Happens at Once

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“Time is just a way to make sure that everything don’t happen
at once”, she said. “I could not agree more”, I said, but lied…
Seasons they come and they go - but, babe, don’t you know.

That I’ll be there beside you to hold out a hand, I will be there
when they strike up the band, outside the children’s grandstand.

Yesterday is gone but tomorrow’s just a flickering dream.
It’s me and you and here and now and this great silver screen.
Heroes they come and they go - babe don’t you know. 

That I’ll be your forever, your stone-vaulted hall,
I will be there,when they tear down your walls.
And you’ve got the world by the balls. 

“Time I should be goin’ “, she said.
I said, “Lay down your head, let's go to bed,
we’ll talk about it in the morning instead.”
I’ll throw a log on the fire - we’ll burn our regrets!

A succession of presents, arrive one-by-one, for the rest of our lives,
living under the sun. Our time has only begun…