The True Vine

““...the production values are terrific, the CD sounds great”! —Ian Nagoski, The True Vine” - Ian Nagoski 

— The True Vine


CD Baby

“It makes me cry... and I love your Russian song! I LOVE the song that you and your sister Kate do. It makes me cry... and I love your Russian song! --Tracey McClure, Ontario, Canada” - Tracey McClure 

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“Sometimes folk, sometimes singer/songwriter, sometimes modern rock sometimes you can hear an 80's synth groove. This beautiful CD never stands still. Woody's voice is an amazing and flexible instrument which intertwines with the lovely female vocals of which he is…


Amazon Music

“5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful and Powerful! I'll start off by saying that I am in awe. You are so amazingly talented and gifted, it brings tears to my eyes. Your voice is gorgeous... I consider myself to be…


Satisfied Customer

“     I love your CD! Can I get ten more? —Birgit Miller, Annapolis, MD ” - Birgit Miller - Annapolis, MD 

— W.L. Website


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“ 5.0 out of 5 stars  Wonderful Music  Format: Audio CD Big fan of W Lissauer. This CD has some amazing songs - shout outs for "Bent but not broken," one of the truest and most mature breakup songs I've…


White Rose Television Interview

“ ” - Carla Christopher 

— WRCT - York, PA (Interview/Performance)


FFN On The Air

“ ” - David Harris/Jeff White 

— FFN On the Air (Interview)


Driftwood Magazine

“ (fan) "cool! woody is an excellent musician"  (Jon) "He is indeed! Especially amazing that he recreates that big sound live by himself. Thanks for reading."” - Jon Patton 

— Driftwood Magazine (Interview)


PRX - Contest Winner

“Searchlight Songwriting Competition Winner - Woody Lissauer” - Jason Wilber - Searchlight Songwriting Competition 

— PRX - (Contest Winner Interview)


Baltimore OUTloud Magazine

“ LIVELY ARTS  WOODY LISSAUER A Baltimore Musician’s ‘Adventures in Loveland’ BY DEVIN CHERUBINI I met Woody Lissauer back in the early 90s at Sowebo. His long blond hair flaying in the wind, a pearly white smile, and charming stage…


The Spotlight Zone

“JJ Rocks Article # 41: From Maryland, USA: Woody Lassauer  From St. Croix Music Magazine, Issue # 8, May, 2007-------------------------------------------------------------------------With all the character voices and fad following artist on the rise today it becomes quite a chore finding someone who…