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“ CD #1 (self-titled) MUSIC YOU MUST HEAR! ...I've been writing about Woody Lissauer for decades. My first memories are of him with Multiplex, and then he was with Cubic Feet. To say that Woody is excited about his debut solo release would be a major understatement. He has created a nice little home studio for himself and devoted his time to learning all the music and editing programs. He also taught himself the graphic end of things, and brought together the finest players he knew to create this musical masterpiece. And it is. The cover is gorgeous—simple, but classy. The back cover is also stunning—a red rose on a black background with the song titles on the left side of the art. Very cool looking. I was immediately impressed. I was looking forward to listening to this disc simply because it looked so nice. When I finally had the time to listen to it, it was time to write about the debut from Woody Lissauer. The opening cut made me smile immediately. "Roses" is a wonderful song. It's folksy, and has wonderful vocals. I was sorry I couldn't read the lyrics, the parts I picked up really caught my attention. Before I go on, let me tell you that Woody plays a ton of instruments, including guitars, keyboards, bass, percussion, and does the vocals, of course! Now let me tell you about all the people who appear on Woody Lissauer's brand new disc. Listen for the talents of the one-and-only Brian Durham, Spike Settles, Myles Evans, George Biggs, Chris Noyes, Crash Kundrat, Jupiter Lee, Billy Falk, Kate Lissauer, Jimmy Wilson, Jamie Wilson, Tammi Hessen, Roy Frush, Cindy Leo, Rose Manfre, and Jeffrey Garbelle (on the Viola da Gamba). Mixing was done by Gene Ingham and Woody, mastering was with Charlie Pilzer at Airshow Mastering. I hear so many things in this music. Woody Lissauer is a very talented fellow. He's been around almost as long as I have and his music expresses that. He had learned by playing the best music in the world. His total purpose in life is to make music. If asked, he'll tell you the same thing. His mission is his music, and he's put out a lot of time to bring this disc to life. There is so much here. At times I feel like I am growing up again. I hear Beatles and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. The Who and even The Eagles. He's got some Celtic sounds here, and some hip guitar picking on its own. When he adds percussion to the mix, the music gets that much more exciting! Then he does his own version of one of my favorite songs, "John Barleycorn Must Die" from Traffic. The vocals alone are masterful. It is a great addition to this excellent disc. Woody Lissauer should be quite proud of himself for all he put out to make this happen—he has done one hell of a job! And, I thought it was very cool he dedicated it to the late, great Brian Durham. (Many people miss you Brian!) I am sure that this CD is available all over the region. He's already got it in stores and online. from Music Monthly, June 2004—review by Susie Mudd ” - Susie Mudd 

— Music Monthly (Article)

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