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“ LIVELY ARTS  WOODY LISSAUER A Baltimore Musician’s ‘Adventures in Loveland’ BY DEVIN CHERUBINI I met Woody Lissauer back in the early 90s at Sowebo. His long blond hair flaying in the wind, a pearly white smile, and charming stage presence combined with amazing musical abilities made him stand out in the crowd of performers for me that night. I knew he had real talent and I liked him. We were introduced and hit it off immediately. We hung out at his place after the festival, talked for hours, and he showed me all the various instruments he knew how to play. I was incredibly impressed. We kept in touch over the years and even played on stage together once doing a cover of 'Sympathy for the Devil', where I played the harmonica and sang with him in an ad-hoc band that night. He always had a way of inspiring me to create music myself even though I have no formal training. I always felt that he believed as much as I do that we are all innately musical. We all vibrate music on a spiritual level. Woody has an extensive music background that includes a degree in music composition from Towson University. He was in the Gordon Michaels Band on A&M Records. He went on the road with Strangelove (Chrysalis Records) and Crack the Sky (Lifesong Records). When Vigil producer Sam Praeger introduced Lissauer to Balti- more socialite Mark Davison they formed the band Cubic Feet and got a deal with Warner. He is best known for his work with Cubic Feet. But, I personally think his solo work is his finest. After Woody finishes a set he always asks the crowd if they have any requests. Its remarkable how he can cover almost any song at a moments notice. My favorite covers of his will always be Bowie songs from the album Ziggy Stardust. No one can play Bowie quite like Woody. When he plays a Bowie song it takes me far away from this earthly plain. You become Major Tom ignoring ground control, are catapulted a million miles above the stratosphere, where nothing can harm or break you. A tree in the wind, you will bend. You may even be a little bent, but never broken. I proudly own a copy of his first solo CD, Woody Lissauer (2004) and his most recent, Woody has a large following from folk music fans in the LGBTQ community. More specifically, lesbians throughout Maryland seem to really dig him. When I was host and coordinator of the roving art event From Our Lips (a poetry, performance, art, and live music happening that took place in the 90s at Lambda Rising, Adler Gallery, and Cafe Metropol in Baltimore), Woody was a featured performer there and the audience adored him. I always knew I could count on him to bring in a good crowd. I've followed his career through the years. He still never fails to give the audience an excellent performance no matter where he plays. Adventures and Misadventures in Loveland, which contains the song, 'Bent, But Not Broken', which has an impressive music video - Woody filmed himself with fixed cameras, and then combined that footage with roving shots by well-known Baltimore photographer Bonnie Schupp and David Salyers. Woody filmed and produced this inspiring music video about life in Baltimore. “Woody has a large following from folk music fans in the LGBTQ community. More specifically, lesbians throughout Maryland seem to really dig him.” Featuring splendid scenes from all over Baltimore City. The song speaks to us about determination of will in the face of adversity. A music video project for another song, 'Send in the Clowns' was shot at the infamous Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, NYC. Filmed by Baltimore director/cinematographer Ravene Noir (Mayor Kurt Schmokes son - Gregory Schmoke). Woody is seen dancing in merriment with drag queen, mermaids and all kinds of other colorful people. This song is about embracing diversity. The video was done with HBOs creative director Karen Sands as executive producer. Woody was born in Baltimore; a musical child prodigy. It is no surprise his work has come this far. We can only expect an even brighter future from this ever-rising native star.  Contact Woody Lissauer at  ” - Devin Cherubini 

— Baltimore OUTloud Magazine (Article)

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